My name is Jan van der Meij and I live with my family in the Amsterdam area. After having had a digital camera for a long time to take some photos now and then, I decided in 2017 that photography is too much fun and that I wanted to make it my hobby. Therefore, Jan van der Meij exchanged the simple camera with a more advanced model. But at the same time, that meant for me that I had to put in more time to shoot better pictures. This is partly due to my character: I am constantly looking for opportunities to learn and improve.

Jan van der Meij

Currently, photography has become more than a hobby. The locations are becoming more and more colourful and the target area is becoming larger than just the Netherlands. And the enthusiasm keeps up!

Time and rest are inseparable. You need time, patience and rest to take photos. The greater the rush, the lesser the chance of getting good photos. Because then you also lack the space to experiment with the camera, the surroundings and the light. And to wait for that one moment when an animal or other subject just appears or does something that makes the photo worthwhile.

My favourite subject is nature, in the broadest sense of the word. I am constantly balancing between wonder and admiration for all its parts. It is a treasure we should all take care of. Especially the birds I come across fascinate me.
Nature gives tranquillity and through tranquillity I can capture beautiful things. That is why I usually go out on my own.

Another rewarding subject is Amsterdam. The city I have been associated with since my youth. And not to forget the places where I go on holiday.

If you want to get in touch, you can do so via the contact form on this site or via Instagram.

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