Photography by Jan van der Meij. That is the title of this site with my photography portfolio.
Why this site? Making photographs is fun and you can, if you do not have the ambition to do it professionally, make it your hobby. And that is what I do. Regularly I take my camera and go out and shoot left and right some pictures. After a while, that results in a nice collection.

I am very critical and always try to improve where possible. And although some photos are more successful than others, it is still fun to share them with others. In all modesty, of course. And that is what this site does. No more and no less.       

All photos on this site are protected by copyright. So no photos may be used or published without explicit written permission. But if anyone is interested, it is always negotiable. Please send a reaction via the contact page or Instagram.

Jan van der Meij

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Photography by Jan van der Meij - Buzzard
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