Photo Trip Hungary Tiszagyenda

Photo Trip Hungary Tiszagyenda

Because last year's trip to France was a great experience, I wanted to give it a follow-up in 2022. Via Naturetalks, I found a trip to Hungary.

First of all, the nature around Lake Tisza is amazing. The country is vast and there is much to admire. The accommodation of this trip is Puszta Eldorado. A true haven for nature photographers with Helen and George Streur as hosts.

On Puszta Eldorado there are already several beautiful locations and in the immediate vicinity even more. Enough to entertain you for a long time and take beautiful pictures. Of course of the Roller, but also of other beautiful species, such as the Hoopoe (on the terrain of Puszta Eldorado (!), the Cuckoo, the Eurasian Rollers, etc.

The tour group consisted of seven photographers and a Naturetalks guide, Herman van der Hart. A very sympathetic group, which gave the stay an extra pleasant touch.

Do you want to see what I have photographed? Click on the link below for the entire report. Then click on one of the photos to see the whole thing in a larger format.

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